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custody time served, or one-third off their sentence. Stated differently, for every four days of actual time served, a total of six days of the sentence would be deemed served. This credit was awarded to defendants committed to county jail for a misdemeanor or as a condition of probation in a felony case, and as a matter of pre-sentence credit to

For example, does the "offender" get credit for time served in county, and is the time based on a 5 to 1, 12 to 1, 2 to 1, etc? Any help would be appreciated. Trying to figure out how much actual time might be expected to be spent on a 5-year TDC (not state jail) sentence, first offense, when 2 months have already been spent in a county jail.

On the same day he was sentenced on new charges that he only had 25 days credit. The sentence was to run concurrent with probation revocation. Does he only get the 25 days credit he actually served or does he get credit for the 400 he only served on probation as the new cases were only 5 months old and he only served 25 days on the new sentence.

 · There are issues of when the warrant was issued, figuring out all the different jails you may have been in, getting those agencies to respond, and finally giving any “good time” credit the local sheriff may afford. In Kaufman County the District Attorney’s office will calculate the back for us, which is nice.

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It is not an easy thing to calculate the time that an offender must serve. In its simplest form, you are given a Credit Class that matches the sentence, a start date, and the number of days that an offender must serve. But there is often more information to consider. But what if the current sentence.

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to figure out the good time credit, how about checking out a fast, free way to calculate the federal sentencing guidelines for drug offenses. Role in the offense, safety valve included. Only want to see how much time one gets for multiple drug types?