Contractor Draw Schedule

Actual + Forecast Construction Draw Schedule with S Curve A properly designed draw schedule should keep you as the contractor ahead of the expenses on the project and with the expected level of profit at any given stage just in case the project goes south for whatever reason.

I have a $150,000 project right now, and I am wondering what clauses, or what payment schedule people use to ensure that contractors are finishing projects and are motivated to do so through a draw schedule that ensures they are never being paid for work that hasn’t been completed. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Regardless of how your draw schedule is arranged, the lender will inspect the progress of the work up to the stated draw interval and approve the disbursement of funds. In some cases, the lender may withhold the final payment until you have lien releases from the contractor and all.

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Whatever you do, schedule the progress payments to cover your expenses, preferably before they are incurred. You’re a contractor, not a bank. You aren’t in business to finance your client’s home. Specialty Contractors. Even if you have smaller job sizes, you should get at least two or three payments.

 · What is draw schedule? Draw schedule is details of the payments that are to be made for the project of construction. The main requirement of the draw schedule is in those projects that require the release of funds in a time bound manner as each step of the project gets completed.

Sample Repair Estimate and Draw Schedule PROPERTY: ADDRESS: Please complete this template in line with your project. Use this as a guide for the level of detail and scheduling in your renovation or construction project draw schedule. Following this general format and detail allows our inspection team to service your draw requests more efficiently.

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